Do You Tone Hair Before Dying It

Changing one's hair color has been a popular trend among Asia's young generations for a while now. Dyeing your hair brings you a new personality and enhances your style. However, there are things to consider before dying your hair to ensure you achieve the desired look without damaging it.

The first thing to note is the condition of your hair. Most hair dyes contain chemicals that can damage the hair, so it is essential to have healthy hair before dyeing. Visit a hair expert and be sure that your hair can withstand the dying process.

The next thing to consider is your skin tone. It is crucial to choose a hair color that complements your skin tone. Cool skin tones go well with warm hair colors, while warm skin tones match better with cooler hair colors.

Going for a precise hair color is also essential. To achieve the desired color, know the difference between how the hair color looks on the box and how it will look like on your hair. The selected hair color should match your natural hair color or the previous dye job's base shade.

Hair dye should be applied with precision. Uneven applications can lead to a patchy hair color job. Apply the hair dye from roots to tips, making sure to spread the hair dye evenly to every strand of hair.

Lastly, choose the appropriate hair dye type. Semi-permanent hair dye stays on the hair for a few weeks and tends not to damage hair as much as permanent hair dye. Permanent hair dye stays on for a more extended period and is appropriate for people whose hair can withstand such intense coloring procedures.

Changing your hair color is an enjoyable experience. However, to achieve desirable results, it is essential to take a few precautions. Ensure your hair is healthy, pick a color that complements your skin tone, consider the precise hair color you want, apply the hair dye evenly, and choose the appropriate hair dye type.

Do you tone hair before dying it

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