How To Change Airdrop Name Macbook

Have you ever wondered how to change your Airdrop name on your MacBook Air? Fear not, as I have the solution to this tech dilemma. In this article, I will guide you through the process step by step, using uncommon terminology that will make you feel like a tech wizard in no time. So put on your thinking caps and let's get to it!

Step 1: Open System Preferences

System Preferences

The first thing you need to do is open up your System Preferences. This can be done by clicking on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and selecting "System Preferences" from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can search for "System Preferences" in Spotlight search (the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen) and click on it when it appears.

Step 2: Click on "Sharing"


Once you have opened up your System Preferences, you will see a variety of icons. Click on the icon that says "Sharing".

Step 3: Change your Computer Name

Computer Name

Now, you will see various options available in the Sharing menu. Locate the "Computer Name" option and click on it. This will allow you to change the name of your MacBook Air.

Step 4: Enter Your Desired Name

Desired Name

Type in your desired name in the "Computer Name" field. Make sure the name you choose doesn't contain any spaces or special characters. Once you have entered your desired name, click "OK" to save the changes.

Step 5: Test Your Airdrop Name


Congratulations, you have successfully changed your Airdrop name on your MacBook Air! Open your Airdrop and test out your new name to make sure it's working properly.

Now that you know how to change your Airdrop name, you can impress all your tech-savvy friends with your newfound knowledge. If you encounter any issues during the process, don't hesitate to reach out to Apple support or consult an online forum for assistance. Happy Airdropping!

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