Ottawa Art Gallery Curator

The Ottawa Art Gallery is set to reopen in April after undergoing an extensive renovation. The gallery, located in the heart of Canada's capital, has been closed for almost two years and will now feature double the exhibition space to showcase Canadian art.

The project was led by Canadian architecture firm, Regis Cote et associes, who aimed to create a bright and modern space that would better serve the community. Some of the new features include a panoramic rooftop terrace, a multipurpose room, and a new entrance facing Confederation Park.

The renovation was made possible thanks to funding from various sources, including the City of Ottawa and the federal government. The Ottawa Art Gallery also received a significant donation from the group of developers behind the nearby Arts Court project.

The reopening of the Ottawa Art Gallery is a significant event for Canadian art enthusiasts, who will now have more opportunities to view and appreciate the country's rich artistic heritage. The gallery will also serve as a hub for cultural events, educational programs, and community engagement.

Visitors can look forward to a range of exhibitions and programming, including the retrospective of Alex Janvier, one of Canada's most celebrated Indigenous artists. The exhibition, entitled "A Modern Icon," will feature over 100 paintings and drawings spanning Janvier's career.

The Ottawa Art Gallery's reopening is a testament to the importance of investing in cultural institutions and preserving Canada's artistic legacy. The gallery will serve as a beacon for creativity and a platform for dialogue and exchange in the heart of Ottawa.

Ottawa Art Gallery Curator

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