Resepi Ayam Penyet Diet

Hey y'all! I'm bringing y'all a bomb recipe today for Nasi Ayam Penyet, a dish that is truly a gem of our beautiful Nusantara cuisine. This dish is beloved by many because of the fragrant rice and succulent chicken that will make your taste buds sing! So let's dive right in and learn how to create this dish.


For this dish, you'll need the following ingredients:


Now here are the steps to make this scrumptious dish:

  1. Clean and rinse the rice, and cook it with pandan leaves until it's done.
  2. Next up, blend the shallots, garlic, and chili peppers into a paste.
  3. Add the belacan (shrimp paste), tamarind paste, and salt to the paste, and mix well.
  4. Take the chicken thighs and marinade them with the paste for about 1 hour.
  5. Heat up some oil in a pan, and lightly fry the chicken until it's cooked through.
  6. Serve the chicken on top of the rice and some sliced cucumbers.

And that's it folks! This Nasi Ayam Penyet recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and will keep you coming back for more. So whip it up and let us know how it turns out for you!

Nasi Ayam Penyet

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Resepi Ayam Penyet Diet

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