Resepi Nasi Beriani Gam Johor Bahru

Hey guys, have you ever heard of Nasi Beriani Gam? Well, let me tell you, it's one of the most mouth-watering dishes that exist in our Malaysian cuisine. And today, I'm going to share with you how to make the most sedap (delicious) and simple Nasi Beriani Gam. So, hold on tight because your taste buds are about to go on a wild ride!


First things first, let's talk about the ingredients:


Now, let's get into the instructions to make this delicious Nasi Beriani Gam:

  1. First, rinse the rice and soak it in water for at least 30 minutes.
  2. In a pot, add the water, coconut milk, cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, cloves, star anise, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, ghee, and salt. Mix them well and let it simmer for a few minutes.
  3. Add the soaked rice into the pot and gently mix it with the spices.
  4. Place the sliced onion, diced tomato, ginger-garlic paste, green chilies, and fresh coriander on top of the rice.
  5. Cover the pot with a tight lid and let it cook on low heat for about 20-25 minutes.
  6. After 20-25 minutes, turn off the heat and let it rest for another 5-10 minutes.
  7. Finally, fluff the rice with a fork and enjoy!

Trust me, once you try this sedap and simple Nasi Beriani Gam, you'll be hooked for life. So, go ahead and give it a try. You won't regret it!

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Resepi Nasi Beriani Gam Johor Bahru

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