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Who would have thought that in this modern world, we would still have to deal with discriminatory practices like not having enough representation of people of color. More specifically, in the field of education, black people are still underrepresented. Even simple things like having materials and resources that represent them is often overlooked. Just recently, I stumbled upon a sample of math exam paper for Year 4 students but what shocked me was that it only had one representation of a black student. It was obvious that the exam paper was made without taking into account the diversity of the students who would be using it. It is vital for students to see themselves represented in the materials that they use. It helps with their engagement and gives them a sense of belonging. Children are naturally curious about the world around them and if they don't see anyone that looks like them in their learning resources, it can be discouraging. Math is one of the most important subjects taught in school. It is a skill that is essential for many professions, thus it is important to make sure that resources and materials available for teaching this subject reach a diverse set of students. By doing so, we not only encourage students to learn but also increase their interest towards the subject. In our society, we strive for equality and diversity. It is important for organizations that produce learning materials to consider these values. In the end, these materials will help to shape the minds of the next generation. We hope that in the future, Math exam papers can have a more diverse representation of students. It is a small step, but one that can make a huge impact on the education system.

Soalan matematik i love you

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