Speech Competition Winner 2012

The Bilingual Speech Competition for the year 2019-2020 was a grand success in Pakistan. The regional round of this competition was held with much pomp and show at The Smart School, which is known for its quality education and excellent facilities. This event was organized with the aim of developing public speaking skills and enhancing bilingual abilities of students. The competition allowed students to showcase their talents and exhibit their bilingual skills.

The Smart School provided a platform for the talented students to display their oratory skills in both, English and Urdu languages. The competition was open to all the students of the school, from all levels of education. This inclusiveness was a great way to give all students an equal opportunity to exhibit their talents.

The competition was judged by a panel of experienced professionals, who had gathered to evaluate the participants. They assessed the students based on their content, delivery, language proficiency and overall presentation. The winners of the regional round of this competition were selected on the basis of these parameters.

The objective of this competition was not only to promote public speaking, but also to develop bilingualism among students. By participating in this competition, students got an opportunity to showcase their bilingual abilities and learn from one another. Additionally, this competition was a great way to encourage students to learn languages and embrace bi-lingualism as a way of life.

The Smart School has always been committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that encompasses both academic and extra-curricular activities. This competition is a testament to their commitment to promoting development of soft skills among students. This competition was a way for The Smart School to encourage their students to develop their talents and showcase their bilingual abilities whilst enjoying themselves.

The regional round of the Bilingual Speech Competition 2019-2020 at The Smart School was a great success, receiving a lot of attention from educators and parents alike. The event proved to be a winner for not only the winners, but also for the participants and the school itself. By encouraging students to speak in both English and Urdu languages, the Smart School was able to promote bilingualism and encourage students to learn two languages fluently. Overall, it was a step to promote diversity, multiculturalism and contributing to our school system.

Speech competition winner 2012

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